See One Cassowary

We all love a good travelling companion and C 1 Cassowary is one of the best.

I first met this bird at the Mourilyan Sugar Museum a few days after Cyclone Yasi in 2011. He jumped aboard the ABC 4WD and he’s been everywhere with the ABC Far North team ever since.

At first he was a sort of station mascot. He doesn’t say much, but we noticed his eloquence expressed itself in other ways, so we made him an honorary roving reporter. 

He loves to travel, to explore, and to have his picture taken. He is a true and handy companion, and he also has his fork-lift ticket.

And the name? C 1? Well the ABC’s two biggest stars are the Bananas in Pyjamas, B 1 & B 2. So our cassowary became C 1, pronounced See One. And as anyone who’s gone looking to see cassowaries knows, you’re lucky if you See One.


3 thoughts on “See One Cassowary

  1. Hi Richard, this site is great,thanks for sharing it, looking forward to more updates, i think this page would have appealed to roger, enjoy and good luck for your work in progress, regards jacqui

    1. Hi Jacqui I hope u and the kiddlies are well. I’m glad you enjoyed the site. The See One Cassowary thing has been hilarious on radio this year. He goes everywhere. Had his pic taken with Prince William and Anna Bligh, all kinds of people. And geez he loves to drive forklift. Love to you Rd

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