It’s 80 years since we first met Superman. In April 1938, Action Comics #1 hit the news stands, featuring a new hero from another planet, a man equipped with super-human powers and an unerring moral compass. Superman was an instant success, spawning radio and TV shows, films, and a surprisingly large number of songs.

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Joe Shuster (sitting) and Jerry Siegel working on Superman
Joe Shuster (sitting) and Jerry Siegel working on Superman

The man of steel is one of the biggest earners in show-business history. But his creators, Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster, had a hard time selling their character to publishers in the years after they first drew Superman in 1933, while they were still in high school. They sold the rights to the character to what would become DC Comics in 1938, and ownership has been contested since 1947.

Everyone has their favourite Superman – one of the movies, the TV show, or the various phases of his comic book life. My favourite Superman was the Australian radio serial, which ran for over 1000 episodes in the 1940s and 50s. Leonard Teale played Superman – sound effects portraying his mighty exploits far better than TV or movies could at the time.

Superman on radio - starring Leonard Teale
Radio Superman starring Leonard Teale


There’s a lot of songs about Superman, and a few about his fellow super-heroes.

Most borrow his character as a metaphor for one thing or another, and a few go into his world and try to imagine what it might be like being Superman, or one of the people around him.

Enjoy this collection of Superman and superhero songs.









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