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Milne Bay PNG
Milne Bay PNG

Hans Clemmensen is setting out across the Coral Sea again this year aboard his sailing boat SV Seagoon.

He’s bound for the eastern end of Papua New Guinea, a journey he’s made from Cairns many times before. Despite the sometimes challenging sea and sailing conditions, he loves the journey as much as the destination.

Hans makes regular visits to island communities in the Milne Bay region. And again this year, he’ll have an assortment of electrical equipment in his cargo, donated by the good folk of far north Queensland. Hans uses it to set up solar power systems in a region where electricity is either not available or not sustainable.

Hans came to Australia from Denmark 40 years ago, and found his way to FNQ soon after. He worked at the legendary Rusty’s market in Cairns, got into boats, bought himself a yacht and has been sailing across the Coral Sea for the past 17 years. He’s been making regular voyages aboard the SV Seagoon (named for Neddie Seagoon of The Goon Show) to the Solomon Islands and Papua New Guinea.

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POWER TO THE PEOPLE - pic courtesy Hans Clemmensen
POWER TO THE PEOPLE – pic courtesy Hans Clemmensen
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