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moreadaTasmanian musician Adam Cousens has been living and working here in far north Queensland for a while now. Down in the apple isle Adam has been a musical star on the rise for five years or so, a folk-rocker with a great voice and a genuinely engaging sound. His music has taken him to many places, and this year he found his way to Aurukun, on western Cape York Peninsula. Adam has been working at the indigenous arts centre, where he’ll stay another month before hitting the road again.

He’s looking forward to getting out and playing some shows – and he’s found a new twist on an old idea to overcome the challenges young musicians face in getting gigs. Back in the 40s and 50s, people used to hold house parties to help raise funds to pay the rent or meet other household expenses. Adam has taken that to a new place, by playing home gigs – where small groups of people put in a few bucks each, Adam plays for them in a home and one of them will put him up for the night and feed him. It’s an approach that makes touring more profitable, and makes for a closer bond between musician and audience.


Adam is on Facebook and Myspace and here are some links to his songs on Youtube.

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