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When I first arrived at ABC Far North in 2002, our breakfast host then was Jason Hagen – a man with a well-deserved reputation for encouraging emerging musicians. You’d see Jason at gigs around the Cairns area, and you’d hear lots of new music on his radio show. He’d put together a compilation CD which the ABC released – Music From the Far North. And he played me songs by a duo I’ve been hooked on ever since – Women In Docs

Roz Pappalardo and Chanel Lucas got together in the 90s, and while they’re not a far north Queensland band, they have roots here. Roz hails from FNQ, and they played some of their earliest gigs at one of our premier events – the Tablelands Folk Festival, held each October at Yungaburra, on the beautiful Atherton Tablelands. The 33rd festival gets underway tonight, and continues over the weekend.

I’m pleased to report Women in Docs are on the Tablelands Folk Festival bill this year and I encourage you to check them out. Roz and Chanel were born to sing together. Each has abundant talent as a singer, player and writer. It would be easy to write a lengthy list of the wonderful ingredients that combine to make a Docs show such a treat. But like a good recipe, the secret is not the list – it’s the combination. When these two women perform together, something magical happens – they make songs that take you to places both tangible and emotional, locations best visited with good friends. And you’ll be in good hands with Roz and Chanel – they’re great travelling companions and born entertainers.

Women In Docs have a new album due out early in 2014 – it’s called Carousel.You can listen to the title track and hear my interview with Roz & Chanel here.

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