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I get to listen to a lot of music in my job at ABC Far North. There’s the music we play on air each day, all the new releases we consider for airplay, local performers pitching their songs, and the stuff I listen to in my spare time. It adds up to a truck-load every week, a warehouse full of songs in an average year. I think I’m really fortunate to have so much music around me, but it does mean I’m not easily impressed. A song, a performer, really has to have something special to stand out.

Today I listened to someone who did all of that, and more. Her name is Ange Takats.

She began as a folk singer, but her style has developed into a very catchy & engaging blend of 60s Americana folk and 1930s jazz, or as Ange puts it, “Joni Mitchell meets Billie Holiday with the Andrews Sisters on backing vocals”. The result is truly lovely music. And her songs tell great stories – true stories. Ange says she’s often asked at gigs if she made up the story in this song or that. No, that really happened, is the answer.

Ange had an unusual journey to becoming a performer. She was a journalist, who went to Thailand to be a foreign correspondent. Then there were elephants, whiskey, a Thai folk band and Aung San Suu Kyi. Like her songs, Ange’s journey from foreign correspondent to singer is a great story.


Ange is heading to far north Queensland this weekend to perform at the Wallaby Creek Festival at Rossville, on the Bloomfield Track north of Cairns.

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