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It’s September, and for sports fans that means finals fever. The sudden death end of the season where one team will emerge as the premiers for 2013. Tonight’s NRL top of the table clash should be a great game of rugby league – South Sydney v Easts for the minor premiership. The North Queensland Cowboys are still in the running, and the numbers at the top of the table are full of possibilities. That’s where we’re heading this week on Phil Staley’s Thoughts on Sports.



Australians love their sport – but I reckon no-one loves their sport quite like our Phil Staley. Indoor, outdoor, winter summer or somewhere in between – Phil loves it all. Stand at his desk here at ABC Far North and you get the feeling you’ve just run on to Lang Park or the MCG. Phil has a gift for talking about sport in a way that even people who can’t stand sport will enjoy.

He gets past the hype and the stats to the magic ingredient that makes sport so compelling – the people who play it and the people who love it. Phil talks about sport each Friday on ABC Far North at 5:15pm – now you can tune in online as well.

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