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MARTIN 027One of the best things about living in far north Queensland is that you don’t have to go far to see our wildlife in the wild. And one of the region’s favourite places for wallaby watching is Granite Gorge Nature Park. Head to Mareeba, follow Chewko Road for about 12 kilometres and you’re there.

This former tobacco farm has long been home to a large colony of Mareeba rock wallabies – and for a small fee you can buy a bag of tasty and appropriate treats to hand feed these wonderful little critters. They’re free to come and go – they’re not captive, but they’re certainly used to the company of humans. They’ll come and sit right next to you and have a munch. And you can observe them in their natural habitat, behaving pretty much as they would in the wild.

The nature park is a short journey from Mareeba, about an hour from Cairns, and fits easily into a day trip around the Atherton Tablelands. LISTEN Click on the red arrow to hear ABC Far North wildlife correspondent Martin Cohen and I feeding the wallabies.

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