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Australians love their sport – but I reckon no-one loves their sport quite like our Phil Staley. Indoor, outdoor, winter summer or somewhere in between – Phil loves it all. Stand at his desk here at ABC Far North and you get the feeling you’ve just run on to Lang Park or the MCG. Phil has a gift for talking about sport in a way that even people who can’t stand sport will enjoy.

He gets past the hype and the stats to the magic ingredient that makes sport so compelling – the people who play it and the people who love it. Phil talks about sport each Friday on ABC Far North at 5:15pm – now you can tune in online as well.

This week:  the AFL saves Eddie McGuire from himself, the ubiquitous Tom Waterhouse set to become a little less so, Neil Henry’s future as North Queensland Cowboys coach with his team in a slump, and Raelene Castle makes the leap from head of Netball New Zealand to CEO of the Canterbury Bulldogs.

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