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Leah, Zack, Noel and Bruce Slade - Ivanhoes Rugby League Club Cairns
Leah, Zack, Noel and Bruce Slade – Ivanhoes Rugby League Club Cairns

Cairns and far north Queensland has one of the highest rates of participation in sport of any Australian region. Every afternoon and every weekend, our parks, ovals and indoor centres are full of people playing, training, practising.

The Ivanhoes Rugby League Club has been playing longer than most. The club formed in 1923, and celebrates its 90th anniversary next weekend.

The Kia-ora Football Club changed its name to the Ivanhoes in 1923, and based itself at Norman Park, on Sheridan Street Cairns.

90 years on, the club is still going strong. And it’s been a long time since the Ivanhoes took to the field without a member of the Slade family in one of its teams.

Bruce Slade played in the 1960s, and is still an active member of the club. His son Noel played for the North Queensland Cowboys in the 90s, and still plays for the Ivanhoes at age 38. Nephew Zack Slade plays in the under 18s, and his mum, Bruce Slade’s daughter Leah, has won five premierships with the Lady Ivanhoes.

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