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Today’s special guest on my ABC Far North radio show was tiny, very cute, and ate all the way through his interview. At one point, he leaped from the microphone, sailed across the room and started climbing up the soundproof wall. Chip is his name – he’s a sugar glider, the best known of Australia’s glider species

Sugar gliders are found here in far north Queensland – and other sub-species occur in Papua New Guinea, New South Wales, Victoria, Tasmania and South Australia. They eat insects, but they’re called sugar gliders because they love eating nectar and flowers. They can glide big distances between trees, and when fired up on all that sweet tucker, they move at incredible speeds. And that’s what we saw when Chip started to explore our radio studio – he’d been sitting quietly in Martin Cohen’s hand licking honey from his fingertips – and then he was sailing across the room.

LISTEN Click on the red arrow to hear Chip and ABC Far North wildlife correspondent Martin Cohen talk about sugar gliders

Chip lives at Zoo To You HQ in Cairns – read more at

2 martDr Martin Cohen is ABC Far North wildlife correspondent. He’s on my radio program Wednesdays at 4.45pm. Read more about Martin at

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