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the-milk-carton-kidsSome great new music features on this week’s Tony Hillier’s World of Music – starting with U.S folk duo The Milk Carton Kids. Kenneth Pattengale and Joey Ryan got together after long but unsuccessful stints as solo performers in their home town – Eagle Rock, California.Their close harmonies and remarkable playing of vintage guitars blend into a sound that’s minimalist and rich, old and new, all at once. They have three albums out, and at least two of them can be down-loaded for free at their website http://www.themilkcartonkids.com/

As the 1960s became the 70s, an Englsihman by the name of Nick Drake struggled to live with his almost other-worldly gift for song-writing. He made just three albums of hauntingly beautiful music, went in to seclusion and died at the age of 26. Nick Drake had a profound influence on song-writers in the UK and elsewhere- Radiohead, REM, Blur, Coldplay, Lucinda Williams, Kate Bush and Robert Smith  all cite Nick as someone who pointed the way for them.

wayto blueNick Drake’s producer Joe Boyd put together a recent series of tribute shows in London, Melbourne and Sydney and recordings from them have now been released on Way to Blue – we hear Brisbane singer/songwriter Shane Nicholson’s take on Nick Drake’s Poor Boy. Read Tony Hillier’s full review of the album at http://www.theaustralian.com.au/arts/review/way-to-blue-the-songs-of-nick-drake-various-artists/story-fn9n8gph-1226624294986

Next we head to the Kimberly region of Western Australia to sample Wanderer – a new album from Stephen Pigram. He’s the main lead singer with The Pigram Brothers – a seven piece country-folk-rock band based in Broome. If you want to create a soundtrack of tropical Australia, call the Pigram Brothers. You can smell the saltwater breeze and see that red dirt swirling in all of their songs. http://www.pigrambrothers.com.au/



Jewel of June       The Milk Carton Kids                    Album  The Ash and Clay

Poor Boy feat.     Shane Nicholson                              Album   Way To Blue – Songs of Nick Drake

Last Minute Man  Stephen Pigram                            Album   Wanderer


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