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Congratulations and welcome home to the Cairns Pan Stars – who represented far north Queensland last weekend at Australia’s first steel band festival at Marysville, Victoria. Ten steel bands from Australia, NZ and Oman competed – and the Cairns Pan Stars took second place.

Steel band music instantly conjures the Caribbean – and sounds very much at home here in tropical FNQ. It’s played on the steel pan, a chromatically pitched percussion instrument that originated in Trinidad and Tobago in the early 1900s. Steel pans were originally made from cut down oil barrels. You produce different notes by hitting areas of the pan surface with rubber-tipped sticks.

The steel band sound is a magical thing and The Cairns Pan Stars are clearly world class. Mel Miller and Elaine Crowther (on the left in the picture above) are delighted with their band’s achievement in Victoria. And they’re looking for new members. Look for The Cairns Pan Stars on Facebook for more info.

Listen to Mel & Elaine from The Cairns Pan Stars.

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