BEATLES 66When did the Beatles play their last live concert? August 29 1966 was the last time all four Beatles played in front of a paying audience. But the very last Beatles concert happened three years later – on a London roof-top in January 1969.

The 1966 show took place at Candlestick Park, the home of the San Francisco Giants baseball team. It wasn’t publicly known at the time that this would be their last gig, but the Beatles had had enough.

Paul John and George during the rooftop session at Saville Row
Paul John and George during the rooftop session at Saville Row

Fast forward to January 1969. The Beatles are in a film studio at Twickenham, rehearsing songs for their next album. It was a less than happy session, caught by camera crews making the film Let It Be, which documented the eventual album of the same name. The Beatles didn’t much like the surroundings, and moved to a sound studio at the Apple Records building at 3 Savile Row. They talked about the old days, and Paul McCartney wanted them to perform live again – the others weren’t keen.

They talked of live shows in exotic locations, but in the end, on January 30 1969, they went up on to the roof of Apple and played a handful of songs. A small crowd watched from the streets and some got vantage points on adjacent roofs. Someone complained about the noise and the police arrived – & then the last Beatles live show was over.

Listen to the story of the last Beatles live show.


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