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Have you got a dog? Chances are that dog might have some fleas. A research project has just begun in Cairns looking at the effectiveness of flea treatments. The researchers would like your help.

Fleas go back to the age of dinosaurs — they’ve been pestering and biting for about 100 million years. There are various types of fleas, but the one that drives your best friend nuts is most likely the cat flea – Ctenocephalides felis.

Fleas love tropical climates, which is why Dr Peter Miller and his colleagues have chosen Cairns for their research project. Peter is a research fellow at the University of Technology Sydney.

If you have a dog, up to four dogs, at your place, you could help Peter’s research. Your dogs have to be friendly, and have some fleas. Peter and his team will provide free flea treatment for a year, your pooch gets checked once a month, and you get some information about flea control to help you and the dog stay free of fleas.

To take part in the research, you need to live in the Cairns metropolitan area, have one to four dogs who have fleas and be able to have a monthly visit from the researchers. Call Dennis on 0401 204 877 for more details.

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