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Australians are not alone in our fondness for swearing. But we are, and have long been, world champion swearers.In the old days, “bloody” was the great Australian adjective. But we’ve moved on to stronger oaths and curse-words to add colour and emphasis to our conversations and our lives. And there’s a genuine spirit of invention driving new forms and uses for now venerable Anglo-Saxon swear words.

Not everyone approves of it, but in the right context, a bit of swearing is usually harmless. So why would you decide to stop? Do you think you could stop swearing?

Your chance to give up the “F” word, and its various cussin cousins, comes up in May – during SwearStop. No potty mouth talk for a whole week, and the purpose is to raise funds and awareness for the Schizophrenia Research Institute.

Dee Madigan is an advertising guru, TV star and an avid swearer. You’ve seen her on ABC-TV in The Gruen Transfer. Listen to Dee explain why she’s swearing off swearing.

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