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Quinkan art gallery near Laura

I’ve seen some amazing things but this is an all-time highlight! A visit to one of the Aboriginal rock art sites near the Cape York Peninsula town of Laura.

This is spectacular sandstone country, home to a large number of prehistoric rock paintings thought to be between 15,000 and 30,000 years old. The paintings have been included on the Australian Heritage Estate and listed by UNESCO as being among the top 10 rock art sites in the world. People from many countries visit this remote location to view the rock art and gain some understanding of the Aboriginal stories associated with this stunning country.

It’s believed the paintings were done by local indigenous people as a series of “sign-posts” to indicate the food sources available in the area, and the spirits who reside in this country.

The word “Quinkan” describes spirits present in the area. One Quinkan is known as a helpful protector,  another is a bit of a mischief-maker.

There are many known rock art sites and more still to be found. Most of them are close to Laura and the traditional owners encourage visitors to see the art and learn about its significance.

You can read more about Quinkan rock art and arrange a guided visit to the sites at <www.quinkancc.com.au>

Thomas George showed us around. Check out the pictures and listen to Thomas guiding me through one of the rock art sites on Crocodile Station.


Near Laura CYP art many thousands of years old
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